• do you have difficulty trusting?
  • do you worry that you won't get what you need to thrive?
  • do you struggle with self-confidence?
  • is it hard for you to take the action steps you need to make your dreams a reality? 

learn immediate, and effective tools to create a solid foundation of trust in your life. gain the confidence you need to make your dreams come true, both personally and professionally. five sessions will guide you to deep levels of trust and intimacy that will take your life to the next level of trust and deserving. five sessions. $388. Book Now


  • are you blocked in expressing yourself fully in intimate relationship?
  • are you locked in unhealthy patterns of intimate relating?
  • do you have trouble asking clearly for what you need?
  • are you compromising and overextending instead of setting firm boundaries? 

this package is all about healthy boundaries, which allow us to open fully in intimate relationship. your life force and ability to connect and express depend on setting boundaries. this package is where we do away with the `nice guy` or `nice girl` patterns, and step into FULL yes and FULL no. developing fierce self-knowing and unyielding agreements. four sessions. $311. Book Now


  • do you know who you are when you're giving your gifts fully?
  • do you know where your deepest passions meet a need in the world?
  • can you imagine living in total alignment with your aliveness and truth?
  • do you have plans for the future that you haven't taken steps to execute?

when we have VISION, we are nourishing our life force by taking steps to create the most aligned version of our lives. these sessions will be a space for gentle guidance and applicable tools on making your vision happen. feel nurtured, and also feel your own empowerment as you navigate relationship with self, other, and vision. three sessions. $222. Book Now